Love Yourself First

Who do you love the most this Valentine’s Day?

Perhaps you celebrate traditionally, purchasing a card, some flowers, and a box of candy for your significant other.  If you feel especially amorous, you splurge on that necklace she’s been eyeing or that set of golf clubs he’s talked about for months.

Perhaps you decry the mass consumerism that overtakes 61% of Americans as they spend more than $13,290,000,000 on this single holiday.  Or lament your current single status.

However you spend the day, remember: Love Yourself First.

We spend most of our days worried about our jobs, our homes, our parents, our spouses, our children, and others.  How much time do you spend worrying about yourself and making yourself happy?

Grab a pen and paper to answer the following questions.  (Go ahead; we’ll wait)

1.What makes you happy?  Spend 20 minutes writing down absolutely everything that makes you smile or brings you joy.  Nothing is off limits.  If it’s a guilty pleasure, take the guilt away.  Embrace it all!

2.From the list above, select three items that you do on a regular basis.

3.From the same list, highlight one activity that you want to do more frequently.

4.Out of these four items, pick the first one that pops out at you.  Trust your instinct and let your heart guide you.

5.Here’s the fun part: give yourself the gift of time and attention.  Hang out with friends.  Schedule time to train for a 5k race.  Buy yourself a present in support of your  hobby.

So, who are you celebrating for Valentine’s Day?

Celebrate yourself.  Care for yourself.  Love yourself first.

Happy Valentine’s Day!