Stress Management

How would you feel if you had a job that allowed you to set your own working hours and get things at your own pace?

Awesome! Right? However, it is almost impossible to achieve this with most jobs. That does not mean that it can’t be done. More than 1 in 4 Americans say they are “super stressed”. Stress doubles the chance for heart attacks and other ailments such as chronic depression and addiction/abuse of substances. We go through our daily lives in demanding conditions and find it difficult to break this vicious circle. It feels like we are trapped and can’t break away!

Although many of us know stress is bad for us, we feel consumed by it- be it at the office, in relationships or at home. We think the tasks we have to do are insurmountable and yet we push forward to do everything that is thrown at us. It really doesn’t have to be this way.

You can change your life and enjoy a better work-life balance that will leave you stress-free.  Although it is easy to preach about removing tension from our lives, it is not so easy to implement it practically. The world keeps getting more competitive as every day passes and like most laws of evolution, only the fittest will survive. We are tensed about losing our jobs, not having enough money or maintaining relationships so much that it’s like carrying a constant heartache around.

If we look back into our lives, we can see that things only get worse when we get frustrated or feel stressed out. We let this go on for so long and suddenly it begins to destroy our lives, health and family.

Don’t let this happen to you!

There is a way out that will give you a stress-free life that you deserve.

So what is the solution for this?

The simplest way to deal with stress and tension is to learn to tell yourself that no matter what happens in your life, “IT DOESN’T MATTER”.

Understand that life will go on with or without you, and I believe your choice would be for life to go on with you.
So you must take action and change your “stressful” condition.

6 Actions you can take to create a healthy work-life balance:

1. Do breathe properly.
2. Don’t waste energy and time on useless talk.
3. Try to be regular in physical exercise. Consider learning yoga.
4. Take a vacation to relax and reset your priorities.
5. Identify what is the cause of your stress.
6. Contact a certified wellness coach who can help you through the process of identifying your goals and strategies to reach these goals.

What we must realize is that if we cannot live well, we would end up feeling sad, angry or stressed out at work.
If you feel that your energy level becomes very low after office hours and nothing you do improves your state, then it might be your mind’s way of telling you that you need a change of scenery. If you feel the same way about every job that you do, then you absolutely need professional help. There are certified wellness coaches, wellness services and wellness consultations available anywhere in the world to relieve you of stress and help you balance work and life.

A simple example is Yoga- although this scientifically proven stress-buster was developed in India by Yogis (practitioners of yoga), people from all over the world have been convinced of its numerous benefits and use it to improve their state of well-being.  This is your life. Do not worry if it feels like things are not going right. Derive happiness from everything. Say no to commitments you don’t think you can fulfil.

Enjoy work! Enjoy socializing! Enjoy life!

Learn to see the positive side of every situation and always stay away from negative thoughts and people. Revamp your life today and you will be glad of the new stress-free person you are about to become.

To learn more about these techniques and solutions, take the first step by contacting a certified wellness coach.